Exploratory Engineering

ACUMEN TRAINING brings Exploratory Engineering technology at your service .Our consistent double digit growth and increased Clients services is a testament to the success, we have enjoyed in the adoption of Exploratory Engineering technology in India.

We understand the nuances and issues that Indian engineers face every year, so we are here to enhance practical hands on instruments which enrich the engineering skills in instrumentation.

Instrumentation is a field that covers almost all the spheres of technology, whether it is Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical Techniques or any other technical skills based on respective applications. Getting Training done at ACUMEN is like experiencing a new World of INSTRUMENTATION.

Measurement & Instrumentation Lab

The Acumen Instrumentation Lab provides students with industry-standard, flexible instrumentation hardware and software for measurement and automation. It aims to teach the elementary circuits and core concepts of electronics/electrical/ microprocessor-based instrumentation and analysis of elementary circuits. The students can also use the Lab for their design projects.

We are conducting the Short-term Training Programmes for Practicing Engineers from various Professionals of Industries.

What ACUMEN TRAINING brings for you is

Course Highlight

Complementary Handy Tool Kit along with Study Material for every participant//Limited seats available.

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